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Collège Saint Joseph’s students, Bayonne (FRANCE).

This website provides easy exercises to help you improve your English skills at your own pace ! Ask for your password to do the exercises online. If you like challenging yourself, join the book club and discover Roald Dalh’s stories with us !

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Who am I ?


Professeur d'anglais certifié en collège et lycée

Bayonne - Pyrénées Atlantiques

Samples of pupils' work

Création d'un menu original pour la cantine Roxanne, Alyssa, Allan et Enzo, élèves de 6ème
Chanson "Have you got a pet ?" Elèves de 6ème
Présentation d'un hotel original Manon, élève de 5ème
Qui suis-je ? Céline, élève de 6ème
Invention d'une légende rigolote Charlotte et Ilona, élèves de 5ème

My Little Book Club

Do you like reading ? Are you adventurous enough to read a book.... in English ? My Little Book Club provides books from the famous children novelist Roald Dahl.

When you join the club, you receive a member card. You can choose a book following your teacher and friends’ advice, read it and write your own review of it. Once you have finished, you will be given a diploma !

"If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books” (Roald Dahl)

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